Welcome to Altaero, a new indoor cycling platform that I am developing. As an avid cyclist, handcyclist to be exact, as well as a keen 3D modeller, I’m develpoing Altaero as an alternative training app to create more opportunites across a wider range of disciplines for cyclists around the world.

Incorporating my klnowledge and experience as a cycling world record holder, my background in 3D design and graphics, as well as learning game design during this process, I’m working on developing a new cycling app that creates more opportunites and options for cyclists around the world while keeping indoor cycling fun and exciting.

What is this site? This is a combination of a development log for me, as well as a showcase for potential users to see what you can look forward to. This is both a personal project for me, but also a greater project for those of you who can’t find the features or representations they want on existing cycling apps, so your interest is the support that will keep development of Altaero moving.

If you’re interested in following the development of Altaero and being notified when you too can ride in its magical and exciting worlds, please subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page.